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Welcome to CARENminerals impossibly clean, natural-looking, pure mineral makeup. Our casual makeup is available in an amazingly effortless palette designed to enhance your natural beauty.

Better than any brand you've ever tried!

CARENminerals has a wide selection of colors and products that will not harm your skin. All are manufactured in Los Angeles, California.
CARENminerals has a wide selection of colors and products that will not harm your skin. All are manufactured in Los Angeles, California.
  • Hypoallergenic Free Makeup
  • Gluten Free
  • Minerals sourced for quality and purity
  • No fillers, preservatives, oils, talc or by-products
  • Latest fashion colors
  • Reduce Toxic Load
  • 100% Vegan
  • No Bismuth Oxychloride
  • Cruelty-Free 

We have no physical stores, no infomercials, and no retail partners. Instead, we sell exclusively at and on By avoiding all of the costs of traditional retail we’re able to offer you superior value and quality compared to bareMinerals, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Purminerals. We guarantee our products to perform better or your money back!


All of our makeup is made in Los Angeles.


Our premium brushes are made by hand in New York. You'll find that CARENminerials brushes compare in quality to similar brushes costing twice as much - because they're produced by the same people who make those, using the same ethically-sourced high-quality fibers. We sell direct, thus eliminating massive retail markeups common in the cosmetics industry. In addition, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on our brushes because a great brush is an investment and we’re so sure you’re going to love the quality of your brush we’re offering you a lifetime guarantee. If at any time your brush breaks please send it back to us and we will ship you a new one!

CARENminerals new Multi Beauty Balm and premium USA hand-made brushes are now available on Amazon

Too many cosmetics, even those that claim to be natural, include man-made chemicals that can irritate or harm the skin. CARENminerals products are made with only naturally occurring minerals that are mined, ground and mixed perfectly, creating a stunning array of colors that are both natural and spectacular.

All of this is achieved without the use of chemicals, fillers or shortcuts. Our mineral makeup goes on flawlessly and creates a beautifully natural look.

Discover cosmetics based on pure and simple ideas: That there is beauty in nature. And that nature's beauty is in CARENminerals.

How is CARENminerals different from other mineral cosmetics?

All mineral cosmetics are not created equal. 
The majority of mineral cosmetics on the market are still heavily loaded with synthetic preservatives like parabens, dyes and fillers which may be harmful to your skin and health. CARENminerals are free of synthetic dyesparaben preservatives and free irritants like bismuth oxychloride. All CARENmineral products are Gluten Free.

A better blend. Many popular mineral brands include a natural ingredient in their formula called bismuth oxychloride. This ingredient, while natural, can produce a 'glowy', unnatural finish. This ingredient is also notorious for making the skin itch. We refuse to use bismuth oxychloride, paraben preservatives and synthetic dyes in any of our formulas. We are 100% Cruelty-Free. We NEVER test on animals.


Need to try a sample first? The CARENminerals Store has sample sizes of BB, Foundation, Bronzer and Blusher for you to try.